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Proactive Vehicle Inspections
Driver Qualification Files

Proactive vehicle inspections includes:

  • Mock roadside inspection to detect any paperwork / equipment violations before a roadside inspection occurs.

Driver qualification files include:

  • Employment Applications

  • Annual MVR records-check

  • Medical Cards

  • Pre-employment Drug Test

  • Background Check

Many of our clients choose for us to build their DQ files for them. Our files are professional, well organized and formatted exactly the same, every time, with your logo on each one. We can complete the entire hiring process for you including, MVR, background check, pre-employment drug test and completed DQ file shipped to your door.

*Complete Driver Qualification File - $150 (This price does not include the cost of the drug test)

Vehicle Maintenance Records
Alcohol and Drug Testing

Vehicle maintenance records include:

  • Daily inspections (pre / post trip) conducted by driver

  • All maintenance / service conducted on vehicles 

  • Registration

  • Inspection

  • Permits (weight, width, height)

  • IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement)

Alcohol and drug testing include:

  • DOT

  • OSHA


Our program meets the 25% & 10% threshold requirements and are drawn quarterly with collection sites nationwide.


  • Annual Consortium Fee - $150

  • Typical DOT Drug Test Fee - $55

  • Typical DOT Alcohol Test Fee - $45


Hours of Service

Hours of Service include:

  • Electronic Log Books

  • Paper Log Books

  • Local Driver Time Records

  • Interstate  /  Intrastate

Overall Fleet Compliance

In response to clients requesting an all inclusive monitoring system for fleets both small and large, we have designed a program that will help any owner / operator keep track of their critical dates.



  1. Enroll in the program based on the number of driver, trucks, and trailers you have.

  2. Send us your list of data that you want to enter or be reminded of and we upload the information into our system for you.

  3. You receive emails reminding you of expiration dates 30 days in advance. Also, we contact you to see how we can help.

This program is designed so that you as small / large fleet owner can focus on business and let us focus on your compliance. Once you have given us your initial information, we work with you to keep the data current and up to date.

These are just a few examples of what our program will monitor:​​​​

  • Driver

    • Drivers License Expiration

    • Medical Card Expiration

    • HAZMAT Expiration

    • Hire Date

  • Trucks / Trailers

    • Registration / Inspection Expiration​

    • Permits

    • Heavy Road Use Tax

    • DOT Expiration

General Consultant

General Consultant services include:

  • Be available by phone, text or email in order to recommend, advise or research relevant compliance issues. Be available for all DOT, HSE and Management personnel. Provide consultation in all areas of DOT compliance, best industry practices and exact regulatory language provided in order to direct personnel and commercial vehicle movement upon the roadway.

  • Provide needed or requested compliance forms.

  • Address all roadside inspections ensuring that all laws and regulations were applied properly to carrier's operations. Follow-up with designated individuals concerning the repair and documentation related to all roadside inspections.

  • In the event the carrier is notified of a compliance review, if requested, Complete DOT Compliance would assist in the preparation process of the review. Attendance of the review would be invoiced at an agreed upon fee.

  • Provide general oversight of entire DOT Compliance Program. Will travel to sites as needed at additional cost, to include reimbursement of all expenses.

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